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Just because I’m a mom…

18 Sep
Just because I'm a mom...


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

28 Jun
Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of the most iconic movies ever, partly due
 to the style of Audrey Hepburn’s character, Holly Golightly.  That little
 black dress and those pearls will forever be engrained in the minds of
 women everywhere, as inspiration for their party and going out looks.
 Below, I restyled the look for 2012, although, it isn’t too terribly different.
 This look is so classic.
Breakfast at Tiffany's
So, even though the items I chose to recreate the look aren’t necessarily
 affordable, you can still recreate this look on any budget. The main two
 items for recreating this iconic outfit are the LBD and the pearl necklace.

Date Night

28 Jun
Date Night
The dress is super affordable! Derek Heart is one of my favorite brands that we sell at the boutique I work in. I would wear an outfit like this to go out on a date with my husband.

Easy summer Outfit

27 Jun
Easy summer Outfit
So, I am thinking it will be super easy to DIY the sweater
 and the jeans! For the sweater, just pick up an oversized
 grandpa sweater at Goodwill or Salvation Army (or whatever
 your favorite local thrift store is), and iron on hem tape. Make
 the cut outs around the collar, and secure the edges by folding
 under and ironing together with hem tape. The jeans are my
most favorite! I absolutely love aquas, turquoise, and mint. To
DIY the jeans, just take a pair of white jeans and dye them to
the exact color you want. Super Simple! Have a fashionable day,
and leave me comments and links so I can check out everyone’s
DIY’d Cardis and Jeans!

Aria from PLL meets Zooey Deschanel

27 Jun
Aria from PLL meets Zooey Deschanel
Not that I can actually afford most of this outfit, but I love it!
 I am straight- up addicted to polyvore.com; I just discovered it
 today and have found that polyvore is like Meth for Fashionistas!